Everbridge App

Mitigating the spread of COVID-19 on campus

Stetson University is using an application from Everbridge to provide an additional layer to its COVID-19 response plan. Everbridge provides the opportunity to send us a daily "Wellness Check" before you come to or move throughout campus. Your responses will remain confidential.

The Everbridge app is another way of providing information to benefit the overall health of our community.

Download the App Today

Downloading the App

After you download the app, search for Stetson and you will find "Stetson University." After you select "Stetson University," you will be able to login with your Stetson email credentials. Everbridge will provide you with an opportunity to send us a daily "Wellness Check" before you come to or move about campus.

Wellness Check Screening Outcomes

Submit your Wellness Check on the app or email, you will get either a green screen or a red screen.

  • The green screen will have a message that reads "Thank you. You may visit the campus or move about the campus today. Please remember to complete a wellness check each day before you come to campus."
  • The red screen will read "Thank you. It appears a COVID-19 consultation is needed. Do not come to or move about the campus. Please contact Stetson Health Service at 386-822-8150 immediately. If it is after business hours, contact Public Safety on your campus."
  • The green or red screen will be delivered approximately 1-3 minutes after you submit the Wellness Check.
  • Read the Wellness Check in English and Spanish.

If you submitted your Wellness Check via text, you will get a message informing you if you can or cannot come to or move about campus that day.

  • You will need to access your email to get the green or red screen for display, if necessary.
  • The green or red screen will be delivered approximately one to three minutes after you submit the Wellness Check.

Wellness Stations

  • There will be wellness stations set up at various locations on campus and you will be required to display your red or green screen to an attendant.
  • If you did not complete the Wellness Check prior to coming to or moving about the campus, you will have an opportunity to complete it at the wellness station.

Student Video

Students are asked to watch a Student Re-population Video that highlights various campus partners and many of the changes you will see on campus this fall. We ask that you take the time to watch this video so that you are informed and can do your part in helping keep our campus safe. To gain access into common spaces on campus, you will need to confirm that you watched the video through the Everbridge app. The video will take 40 minutes to watch. Always remember, your actions matter in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19!

Additional Education and Contact Tracing

The application will also serve as the platform to provide students with educational videos relating to COVID-19 and our community expectations.

It will also augment our positive test reporting and contact tracing efforts.

Contact tracing is a disease control measure in which health professionals will work with patients to develop a list of everyone they have been in close contact with during a certain period.

  • Close contact is defined by the CDC as being within six feet of someone for fifteen minutes or more.
  • The application assists with this process by giving you the means to self-report a positive COVID-19 test to the university.
  • The application also uses Bluetooth-Proximity (GPS data is not utilized) to record the close contacts you have had with other members of the community who are also utilizing the app.
    • This is done by sharing a random key between the parties via the Bluetooth connection. No personally identifiable information is shared between the parties. These keys will remain within the app for fourteen days. If you report that you have tested positive for COVID-19, the keys for those close contacts will be shared with health professionals so the parties may be notified of a potential exposure and provided with their recommended next steps.

Daily Wellness Check: Step by Step

  1. Students, faculty and staff utilizing the Everbridge Mobile Safety App will be required to complete a Daily Wellness Check prior to coming to or moving about campus each day.
  2. If they are approved to come to or move about campus, they will receive a "Green Screen" on the app and on their email. Verify the approval date is for the date the individual is requesting entry.
  3. If they are not approved to come to or move about campus, they will receive a "Red Screen." This screen will instruct them to contact Stetson Health Service for a COVID-19 consult. They should not be allowed access into the space and should politely be asked to leave and contact Stetson Health Service.
  4. If they have the Everbridge application and forgot to do their Wellness Check for the day, ask them to complete it now. The response will arrive between one to three minutes if not sooner.
  5. If they do not have the application but would like to get it, they can download the Everbridge Mobile Safety application that is in Google Play and the Apple Store. The icon looks like thisOnce they install the application they will search for "Stetson University." After selecting "Stetson University," they will be able to login using their Stetson email credentials. They will not be able to do a Wellness Check that day. The Wellness Check will be sent to them after midnight for use the next day.
  6. In order to be granted entry, the individual will need to be directed to the nearest Wellness Station for clearance.

Things You Should Know

  • Only one Wellness Check is required each day.
  • Your responses will remain confidential.
  • You will receive a reminder message each day to complete the Wellness Check. These reminder messages will be sent via the Everbridge app, text, and email.
  • There is a Wellness Check icon on the Everbridge app to submit your response. If you do not have access to the app, a Wellness Check will also be available via your email or via text. The email will be identified as coming from Stetson University and the text will come from Everbridge as "893-61."
  • There will be wellness stations set up at various locations on campus and where you will be required to display your results. 
    • You will also be required to show your green screen to members of faculty or staff upon request.
    • Faculty members may also request to see your green screen prior to entering the classroom.