COL Frequently Asked Questions Archive

Campus Testing

What is Stetson’s basic expectations for students and COVID-19 Testing for fall return?

All students (residential and commuter) should get a PCR diagnostic test for COVID-19 before arriving to campus. This test should ideally be 7-9 days but no more than 14 days before YOUR arrival date to campus. We are highly encouraging that all students get tested. If you can't get tested before coming to campus, we will have testing on campus.

Why is Stetson encouraging testing in this way?

The main campus has already implemented testing for students who have returned to campus and has prevented at least 10 students from coming back to campus who were COVID-19 positive because of this program (as of 7/21/20).

Who should I contact if I am not being tested before my return to campus?

We recognize that some students may not be tested before returning to campus due to difficulty obtaining testing, religious objections to testing, or other issues. Students may contact the Office of Student Life at to discuss options if testing is not possible or feasible.

What kinds of tests do you suggest?

PCR Diagnostic testing is recommended and the preferred most accurate testing method. Rapid Antigen testing is also diagnostic and will be accepted for these purposes.

What kinds of tests don’t count?

Antibody tests will not count for these purposes.

How will results be collected?

Students are asked to upload a copy of confirmation of negative test via the link sent by Student Affairs. Once the copy is reviewed, the College of Law will not keep a copy of the test but will only record that the student complied with the request.

What happens if I don’t bring results?

Students who return to campus without test results meeting our criteria, will get a handout with next steps. We will be following up with individuals who have not provided test results. We will have testing opportunities early in the fall semester on campus.

What is the timeframe for testing?

The preferred timeline is to get tested seven to nine days before YOUR arrival date to campus, but not more than 14 days from that arrival date, so there is time for your results to come in. Your results should be shown at check-in/move-in. If you have access to a rapid antigen (not antibody) test, you can schedule your testing closer to your move-in date because you will get your results faster.


What is the dress code for orientation?

Business casual

When will I get the orientation schedule?

Orientation dates and times will be sent the week of Aug. 3.

Will lunch be provided?

Yes, boxed lunch will be provided on two days with coffee in the morning.

What will orientation look like for students going remote?

We had enough students in the 1L class that wished to go remote to create an online orientation section.

What about part-time students wanting to go remote, what does orientation look like for them?

We plan to record all sessions and to provide a synchronous experience that will be co-moderated by students. Students in this situation would have to follow along with their part-time peers.

Where should I park?

Students coming for orientation can park in any student or visitor lot. Spaces that are numbered are reserved and should not be used.

Is there a mask requirement for orientation?

Yes, all students are expected to wear face coverings while on the Stetson College of Law campus. Students are also asked to follow physical distancing guidelines of 6 feet.


How and when will I get my diploma, Honors and Awards plaques, etc.?

Students who were a part of the May 2020 Virtual Graduation will receive a copy of the formal Graduation and Honors and Awards brochures, Honors and Awards plaques, and diplomas in the mail as soon as they are available.

How are students supposed to get their pro bono hours and community service work completed?

We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has uniquely altered the Spring 2020 pro bono and community service work normally performed by students. Please view the Emergency Pro Bono Policies and Procedures for the COVID-19 Pandemic for more details.

Has the COL addressed the issues related to graduating honors in the context of COVID-19?

Yes, the COL has passed the Emergency Grading Policy. The policy amends the standard for graduating honors.


When will the February Bar Exam results be released, and how will we be sworn in?

The February Bar Exam results were released on April 13, 2020, and are available on the Florida Supreme Court’s website

New Bar members can take their attorney oaths remotely using two-way video conferencing. The requirement is that the person administering the oath can positively identify the person taking the oath. Electronic oaths of admission must be submitted via email to so they can be processed and submitted to the court and The Florida Bar. The video conferencing oath option is extended through the end of May. 

What is the new grading policy for the spring 2020 semester?

The College of Law passed the Emergency Grading Policies and Procedures for the COVID-19 Pandemic. This policy requires that all J.D. students and resident LL.M. students be graded using a pass/fail scale, unless the course was completed by March 13. Students in the online LL.M. and online Master of Laws programs will be graded as normal.

View the Emergency Grading Policies and Procedures for the COVID-19 Pandemic for more details. 

How is College of Law advocating for our students taking the FL Bar?

Dean Alexandre and the deans from Florida’s 11 other law schools have sent a letter to the Supreme Court of Florida and the Board of Bar Examiners advocating that students be admitted to practice as soon as possible. They have submitted a variety of options for considerations, as well as offered our law school premises for administration of the bar exam within CDC guidelines. Please see the complete letter for the detailed arguments urging that students be allowed to practice as early as possible this summer. 


What will happen to 3Ls who live in student housing if the bar exam is delayed?

We are providing Bar Stay in student housing. For graduating 3Ls who want to take advantage of Bar Stay, we will extend the move-out deadline to August 2 regardless of whether the July Bar takes place or is delayed.  

Will I receive my security deposit back?

Housing Security deposits will be reimbursed to 3Ls who desire to move out because of coronavirus. For 1L and 2Ls, security deposits will be handled in the normal way by rolling over to the next year. If you would like to move out due to the Coronavirus, you must notify housing immediately and let them know what arrangements you plan to make. The deadline for making these arrangements was Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

For graduating 3Ls who want to take advantage of Bar Stay, we will extend the Bar Stay move out deadline to August 2, regardless of whether the July Bar takes place or is delayed. See the 10:27 p.m., April 1, 2020 Important Message from Dean Alexandre here

Will I get my activities fee and printing benefit refunded?

All J.D. and International LL.M. students will be refunded a prorated percentage of the activity fee and printing benefit you may not have been able to use. Additionally, the Business Office will refund any graduating 3L who has a balance on their print accounts from funds that they personally contributed this semester. Please contact the Business Office at 727-562-7805 if you believe you are eligible for this refund.