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Rolks Report Live Webinar: Fall 2021 Preview

July 15, 2021, 5-6 p.m.

Stetson University President Christopher F. Roellke, PhD, hosted a preview webinar on Thursday, July 15, to provide information on the student experience in Fall 2021. The webinar included updates from Stetson’s Safer Campus Task Force about our move to Tier 4 and expectations for fall, information on our local COVID-19 rates and the Delta variant, mitigation protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, the status of Stetson’s push to achieve a 70-80% vaccination rate, updates on housing and residential living and the results of the Safer Stetson Awards.

Webinar Transcript


  • Christopher F. Roellke, PhD, President and Professor of American Studies and Education
  • Christopher J. Smith, M.D., Chief Medical Officer AdventHealth Daytona (local community COVID-19 rates, Delta variant)
  • Ray Nault, Vice President for Enrollment Management (Safer Stetson Award winners, July 30 Facebook Live event)
  • Lynn Schoenberg, Co-Interim VP of Campus Life and Student Success, Dean of Students and Co-chair of the Safer Campus Task Force (Vaccination rate, campus tier for opening)
  • Larry Correll-Hughes, EdD, Co-Interim VP of Campus Life and Student Success, Assistant VP and Exec. Director of Residential Living and Learning, (Housing updates, changes, expectations)

Safer Stetson Award Winners

Congratulations to our Safer Stetson Award winners from Friday, July 2!

  • Katie Baita – $1000 Award (undergraduate)
  • Devin Shaffer – free parking for a year
  • Anonymous* – $1000 Award (graduate)
  • Anonymous* – free parking for a year

*Recipient either has not responded or wishes to remain anonymous

For a full list of winners, please visit the Safer Stetson Awards webpage.

DeLand Campus Moves to Tier 4

  • Newly created Tier 4 allows for even greater freedom as 2,187 people, or more than 40% of the campus’s total population, currently have been vaccinated and reported their vaccination to Stetson. Also, community transmission rates have declined. This change takes effect Thursday, July 1.
  • Once the reported vaccination rate reaches 70% of the total campus population, almost all mitigation measures will be lifted.
  • Returning to normal is up to us. Let’s get vaccinated!

This plan strives to create clarity about what we are working toward by promoting vaccination as our priority.

Note: The College of Law/Gulfport campus has different Tier 4 and 70% vaccination rate requirements. For details, see the COL Tier 4 vs. 70% Vaccination Rate infographic 

Looking for a vaccine provider? Visit the Safer Stetson Vaccination page.

Once you are vaccinated, please voluntarily register your COVID-19 vaccination through the confidential university online form.

Tier 4: Effective July 1, 2021

Facial coverings:

  • Not required:
    • Outside
    • In meeting of 4 or fewer vaccinated people
  • Required:
    • Classrooms
    • Meetings of more than 4 people
    • Events, common areas and shared offices


  • Gateway Testing required for unvaccinated people
  • Ongoing optional and mandatory COVID-19 testing on campus

Residential Living and Learning:

  • Two Stetson guests permitted
  • No overnight guests permitted
  • No non-Stetson guests permitted
  • Capacity limits in common spaces
  • Face coverings required

Groups and Gatherings:

  • Group size for registered events increases to 150 with physical distancing
  • Food and drinks from Stetson Dining or another provider are permitted
  • Alcohol prohibited at student events

Fraternity and Sorority Involvement:

  • Recruitment maximums increase
  • Bid Day maximums increase

Athletics Events:

  • Indoor spectator size increases to 40% capacity
  • Outdoor spectator size increases to 70% capacity


  • Self-service options return
  • Increased table capacity
  • Line distancing reduced from 6 feet to 3 feet

Meetings and Offices:

  • Adhere to COVID-19 capacity restrictions and 3 feet distancing in meeting spaces and classrooms
  • Maximal distancing of 6 feet required in shared workspaces

Changes at 70% Vaccination Rate

What are the differences between Tier 4 and 70% Vaccination Rate?

Facial coverings:

  • Vaccinated
    • Optional, but not required
    • Professor’s discretion in classroom
  • Unvaccinated: highly recommended

Testing: Optional at Health Service, but not required

Residential Living & Learning: No restrictions

Groups and Gatherings: Full capacity, food and drink restrictions lifted

Fraternity and Sorority Involvement:

  • Recruitment capacity expanded
  • Bid Day: full capacity

Athletics events: Return to full spectator capacity

Dining: Table distancing reduced from 6 feet to 3 feet with other restrictions removed

Meetings and Offices: Full capacity

Stetson University follows guidance from the American College Health Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Department of Health. We seek a less restrictive environment that holds steady the mitigators we know have been successful for us and to loosen restrictions where we can as we move toward herd immunity.

Stetson commends our community for the tireless and ongoing efforts in the fight against COVID-19. Please remember: If rates of infection increase in the Stetson community and local area, and/or if the expected impact of COVID variants on public health is more severe, Stetson may return to lower Tier levels.

Thank you for helping to ensure the health of our community.

Download the Tier 4 vs. 70% Vaccination Rate infographic.

Download the College of Law Tier 4 vs. 70% Vaccination Rate infographic.

Safer Stetson Awards

Safer Stetson Tuition Awards

Stetson University is taking steps to ensure a healthy and safe campus environment leading into the Fall 2021 semester by encouraging vaccinations among the entire Stetson community. In addition, we are offering special opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in DeLand and at the College of Law to benefit from voluntarily registering their COVID-19 vaccination through the confidential university online form.

As of Friday, July 2

More than 2,100 members of the Stetson community reported their completed vaccination, or approximately 31% and the university goal is 70-80% of the Stetson community. Reaching that level of vaccination would allow students to attend athletic games with friends, participate in Greek recruitment, attend large events like Homecoming, theater productions, Uncouth Hour, concerts and more.

For graduate and College of Law students reaching a higher level of vaccination allows for a return to more normal, face-to-face interactions, class sessions, conferences and competitions.

Undergraduate Students

Stetson is offering two opportunities for new and returning undergraduate students to benefit by registering their vaccination with the university by Sunday, July 25.

  • Stetson is offering a one-year, full tuition Safer Stetson Tuition Award for the 2021-2022 academic year for eligible, full-time, in-person students
    • One tuition award to new, incoming, first year and transfer students.
    • One tuition award to returning Stetson students.
    • Runner up awards include tickets to either Universal Orlando or Disney World.
    • Recipients will be announced live on Friday, July 30.
  • Stetson is offering a weekly drawing for full-time, in-person new and returning undergraduate students for the Safer Stetson $1000 Award.
    • Students who register their vaccination are eligible each week of the drawing, but can only win once.
    • The first drawing is June 11 and it continues for eight weeks until July 30.
    • Recipients are announced weekly.
    • Runner up award is FREE annual parking pass for campus.

To be eligible, students must voluntarily register their completed vaccination (both doses of a 2-dose vaccine or 1 dose of 1-dose vaccine) by Sunday, July 25 through our online form. New first-year and transfer students also must be registered for class by Thursday, July 15.

Graduate Students

New and returning graduate students who voluntarily register their vaccination and are planning to attend full-time, in-person classes at either the College of Law or the DeLand campus can choose to participate in weekly drawings for the Safer Stetson $1,000 Award. The award will be applied to student accounts in Fall 2021.

To be eligible, graduate students must register their completed vaccination (both doses of a 2-dose vaccine or 1 dose of 1-dose vaccine) by Sunday, July 25 through our online form. New, incoming graduate students also must be registered for class.

Weekly drawings start on Friday, June 11 and continue for eight weeks.

  • Weekly drawings for $1,000 Safer Stetson Awards are open to all full-time graduate students attending in-person classes.
  • For DeLand graduate students there is a weekly runner-up award of a FREE annual parking pass.

Looking for a vaccine provider? Visit the Safer Stetson Vaccination page or access the CDC’s find my vaccine link and type in your zip code. Learn more about this program at the Safer Stetson Awards page or review our awards specific FAQs.


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