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Showcase Presentations

2020 Showcase Virtual Presentations

Due to the coronavirus, the Stetson Showcase 2020 is now virtual. See each of this year's presentations below.

  • Drake CunninghamAn Observation of Societal Injustices Towards Antisocial Personalities
  • Ola BartulaEffects of Alcohol and Glutathione on GATA4 Expression and Cardiac Development in Ciona Intestinalis
  • Vincenzo CornacchioneExploring Perceptions of Healthcare Access Among Rural Honduran Community Members
  • Dakota J. Figueroa: From Archenemies to Allies: Reassessing the Birth of the United States-Japan Alliance, 1945-1960
  • Lannie Hough, Madison Gipson and Aaron Stewart: An App Developed for Stetson University Students
  • John LeveeSeasons: Summer, Examining the Relationship Between the Presence of Audio and Subjective User Experience in the Context of Virtual Reality
  • Jeffrey LuDiffusive Flux Study of Biofilm
  • Emily Maule: Where Has the Art Gone? Examining the Use of Imagery in the Baptist Community
  • Kassandra Myers: The Effect of Hand Dominance on Nerve Conduction
  • Jenna Noel Palmisano: Brown Anoles (Anolis sagrei) as an Intermediate Host for the Invasive Pentastome Parasite (Raillietiella orientalis)
  • James Parman: The Paradox of Nostalgia for the ‘American Indian’: How the Heroic Image of Native Americans Emerged from a Century of Relocation, Cultural Warfare, and Extermination 1840-1913
  • Nelson E. Quezada Herrera: Measuring Support for the Green New Deal Through Issue Framing and Identity Priming
  • Alexis SinghThe Portrayal of Christian Groups on Spreading Awareness of Human Trafficking in the United States and in Thailand