Showcase: Lannie Hough, Madison Gipson, Aaron Stewart

Lannie Hough is a computer science major seeking a career in software development, specifically in helping to “create or join a cool startup.” Lannie’s hobbies include rock climbing, hiking and, of course, coding. He firmly believes that tabs are superior to spaces.

Madison Gipson is a senior studying computer science in pursuit of a career in software development. When not coding, Madison enjoys playing piano, going to the beach and hanging out in hammocks. If Maddie could have a superpower, it would be to write code that compiles perfectly on the first try.

Aaron Stewart is a junior in computer information systems, pursuing a career in software development. When not programming, Aaron enjoys soccer, rock climbing and playing video games. If Aaron could pick a superpower, it would be having the able to read more than 4,500 words per minute and memorizing everything.