Showcase: Alexis Singh

Alexis Singh is a double major in political science and religious studies who want to work as an advocate for human trafficking victims' rights and eventually represent them in court and bring stricter laws to those who violate human rights, human trafficking victims’ rights and more.

"I chose this topic because I have been working to bring awareness of human trafficking since I was a junior in high school," said Alexis. "I have studied abroad three times now and the first two times I made an effort to understand human rights in Europe while studying in Leicester, England and then in Washington D.C. at American University."

My senior research mentors are Dr. Steven Smallpage in political science and Dr. Christopher Bell in religious studies. My mentor for Stetson Showcase was Dr. John Houston of religious studies.

The Portrayal of Christian Groups on Spreading Awareness of Human Trafficking in the United States and in Thailand

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