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Stetson University encourages prompt reporting of complaints so that support services can be offered as needed to the concerned party and the incident can be evaluated for possible violation(s) of university policy and state or federal law. The University values and embraces the ideals of diversity, inclusion, inquiry, freedom of thought, and freedom of expression within our community of scholars.

We commit to following an equitable process that provides transparency where possible and fosters understanding. We also commit to safeguarding the privacy of individuals within our capacity. The process includes opportunities for dialogue across differences, where members of the Stetson community have a voice. We encourage all parties involved to be active participants.

Please fill out one of the forms below to inform University staff of information regarding student concerns. Any immediate and emergency concerns can be directed to Stetson University Public Safety at 386-822-7300 (Deland campus) 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

The Report It form is available for anyone wanting to inform Stetson University staff of concerns regarding violations of the Code of Community Standards, the Guide to Residential Living, the animal or tobacco free policy.

Reports filed through this form are immediately received through the system and reviewed the next business day by the following offices: Dean of Students, Community Standards, Student Counseling Services, Residential Living and Learning, Public Safety, and if appropriate Title IX. You may or may not be contacted depending on the content provided. If you have a question, or wish to follow-up to this report, please e-mail [email protected]

Stetson Report It form

The HattersCare team works to support student success. We provide advocacy and support when students face challenges. These challenges can range from mental and physical wellbeing to family and financial concerns. We are here to help students achieve academic and co-curricular goals and make informed decisions about their Stetson experience. We are also here to help when community members are worried about how to best support students.

HattersCare form

If you or someone you know has experienced sex or gender discrimination, including all forms of sexual harassment, sexual violence, or intimate partner violence, you are strongly encouraged to report the incident and seek assistance. Reporting the incident in a timely manner is critical for the collection and preservation of evidence and information. If you are in immediate crisis, call 911.

Stetson Title IX web page

Gender-Based Misconduct, Sexual Assault, and Intimate Partner Violence Reporting Form

When filling out the Gender-Based Misconduct, Sexual Assault, and Intimate Partner Violence Reporting Form, please use the Type of Report drop down menu to select either gender-based or sexual misconduct either by student, faculty/staff, or by a third party not affiliated with Stetson.

The purpose of Bias Education Support Team (BEST) is to create opportunities for our campus community to be educated on how to have dialogue across difference. The foundation of BEST is to create educational opportunities for members of our community to discuss and reflect. To achieve this, BEST offers actions such as in-person educational conversations, mediations, letter correspondence between parties, workshops, readings and discussion groups.

BEST is committed to response for individuals, but also for the larger community. BEST seeks to identify trends and make suggestions to campus departments for larger community climate response. BEST actions are voluntary.

For an outcome to be mandated, a student must go through the community standards, human resources, faculty, staff, and student grievance procedures, and/or Title IX process. BEST staff can assist students through this process. A BEST report can be filed through the Report It form by going to the form and selecting Bias Education Support Team in the drop-down menu under report type.

Stetson Report It form to report BEST situations

When filling out the Report It form for BEST situations, please use the Type of Report drop-down menu to select Bias Education Support Team.

if you believe that serious violations of policies or standards have occurred and you do not feel comfortable speaking directly with a member of your management or leadership team, you can use this service, hosted by a third-party provider, EthicsPoint.

This reporting tool is not intended for use when normal work-related disagreements arise, such as disagreements with work schedules, leave approvals, work assignments, performance evaluations, co-worked disagreements, general working conditions and so forth. Rather, this hotline is intended to report matters of serious departure from business norms or legal requirements, both of which would have serious consequences to Stetson University as a whole.

For such serious violations, such as fraud, embezzlement or violations of administrative, academic and/or research integrity, you can submit a report to the ethics hotline. EthicsPoint will send information submitted by you to Stetson University on a confidential basis.

Visit the Stetson Ethics Point web page

Faculty, staff, and students should use the Honor System in dealing with apparent breaches of academic integrity in their classes. While some members of the faculty may prefer to handle matters (especially minor matters) internally, the resulting lack of central reporting would allow a student to cheat in several classes without any repercussions for multiple offenses. Students are strongly encouraged, though not required, to report any violations of which they are aware.

Violations include, but aren't limited to: Giving unauthorized help to another student for a test or assignment Plagiarism Using falsified evidence or material Submitting the same paper in different classes twice Destroying or making inaccessible academic resource material

Reports to the honor council are only received by the Honor Council advisor, Cindy Bennington , and Honor Council members. To report a violation to the Honor System Council, use the Academic Honesty Reporting form.