Press Release - For Immediate Release

April 1, 2016

Contact: Kevin Winchell

On Saturday, April 23, 2016, from 10am-4pm at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida, the Stetson University Center for Community Engagement will host its sixth annual "Politics 101" conference, a free, non-partisan, one-day crash course on political campaigning.

"Politics 101 is the only free, non-partisan conference in the entire country where anybody can come and learn about how to run and win political campaigns," said Kevin Winchell, Stetson's associate director of community engagement who founded Politics 101 in 2010. "Stetson University empowers students and citizens, through this sort of civic education, to make the change they wish to see in their communities - a theme that seems particularly resonant during this political cycle." 

Politics 101 will feature workshops led by campaign operatives, political scholars and community leaders of varied political stripes. Workshop leaders will, among other things, show participants how to build grassroots campaign organizations, create winning campaign strategies, analyze data to make informed strategic decisions, use social media and fundraise. 

"Whether you're a Republican, Democrat, independent or else, whether you want to run for public office, manage a candidate or campaign issue, or simply learn how ordinary citizens can help make change in a democracy, Politics 101 is a great way for citizens to learn how to turn their passion into policy by electing the change they want."

Registration for Politics 101 is open to everyone, and attendance is free. The conference will take place in the Lynn Business Center Rinker Auditorium (345 N. Woodland Blvd., DeLand, 32724). The conference is non-partisan. To register, click here.