The Pig Team

The Pig Team consists of two Stetson University biology professors, Terry Farrell and Peter May, and a large number of students who collaborate with them. Many of these students do their senior research on some aspect of rattlesnake or turtle ecology. The students find most of the reptiles and collect most of the data, leaving Peter and Terry free to think great thoughts. In addition to the students, we are lucky to have had the help of several non-student collaborators- people who hunt for snakes for the sheer pleasure of it (since we certainly don't pay them anything)

Students on the Pig Team

  • Matt Anderson
  • Alex Aycrigg
  • Marcelo Blanco
  • Lianne Bishop
  • Teresa Blumenaur
  • Ashley Boyd
  • Julie Breuchel
  • Andy Cappar
  • Joe Cheatwood
  • Chris Cole
  • Penny Cople
  • Steve Crouch
  • Richard Dycus
  • Joel Everett
  • Mike Faughn
  • Zane Finger
  • Amanda Favis
  • Dan Hefley
  • Joe Helkowski
  • Steve Heulett
  • Susannah Jemison
  • Christian Lerro
  • Fred Link
  • Ali Rabatsky
  • Eric Roth
  • Jim Rybinski
  • Bill Richardson II
  • Jennifer Sager
  • Yasemin Sahinoglu
  • Hope Smiley
  • Don Spence
  • Jackie Shoppa
  • Rocco Sourial
  • Jeff Sunman

Other Collaborators

  • Melissa Pilgrim
  • Mark Campbell
  • Jerry Pilgrim
  • Mike Turner
  • Greg Zipperer
  • Allison Farrell
  • Leon Rhodes

Box Turtle People

  • Stacy Charney
  • Amy Hendrie
  • Jill Labram
  • Julie Siefkas