Weather Station

Dyacon Weather Station

The Institute’s weather station is here! The station measures key environmental parameters, including precipitation, air temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, windspeed and direction, solar radiation and soil moisture. These environmental data allow us to monitor local weather conditions and to compile long-term climate records of the region. Long-term records help us accurately predict weather patterns, evaluate the impact of weather conditions on local wetland systems and offer insight into the potential damages of increased storm activity.

Live Measurements

The weather station is programmed to collect measurements every ten minutes! Click Here to view live readings or copy and paste the link below into your web browser. On the webpage, users can also adjust the time period of the displayed weather station data.


media/weather station_1.jpg

media/weather station_2.jpg

Temperature – Pressure – Humidity sensor


Wind sensor


Solar panel

media/solar panel.jpg

Solar sensor

media/solar sensor.jpg

Rain gauge

media/rain gauge.jpg

Soil moisture sensor

media/soil moisture.jpg

Weather Station Data (10/9/2020 – 10/11/2020)

media/weather data_1.png

media/weather data_2.png


media/weather data_3.png