Tony Abbott

Professor of Environmental Science and Studies

Tony Abbott, PhD, studies the human-environment interface, which includes alternative energy, energy conservation and agricultural biodiversity. He aids his studies in charting their careers or studies after graduation. 

  • PhD, geography, University of Minnesota
  • MA, geography, University of Georgia
  • BS, geography, University of Georgia


Tony Abbott


Abbott's training in geography informs his research on the human-environment interface. His work incorporates mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) to link policy with unintended environmental outcomes at varying scales (for example, local responses to national policies) using the tools of political ecology. He has led multiple excursions to Latin America and published in numerous scholarly journals. His primary work is training students to excel beyond graduation, having mentored more than 50 Senior Research Projects, with graduates charting careers in research, activism, environmental enforcement, environmental policy, education, entrepreneurship and environmental law.

More About Tony Abbott

Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental studies

Course Sampling

  • Cultural and Political Ecology
  • Using and Making Maps (Introduction to GIS)
  • Global Perspectives on Food Production
  • Latin American Spaces and Place

  • Regional interest in Latin America with Andean expertise
  • Sustainable agriculture and agricultural biodiversity
  • Alternative energy, energy conservation and associated policy
  • William Bartram (Southern naturalist)

  • In progress Geographic Representations of William Bartram. Book chapter in “Mapping Nature Across the Americas.”
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