Madison Creech

Madison Creech

Visiting Assistant Professor in Creative Arts

Madison Creech was the 2018-19 Fountainhead Fellow in the Department of Craft and Material Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. She holds an MFA in fibers from Arizona State University and a BFA and BS in textile, merchandising, and fashion design from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has served as faculty associate at Arizona State University, instructing surface design and served as the 2016-18 Brown Visiting Teacher-Scholar at Stetson University teaching digital art and textile art courses.

Creech has held residencies at Metro Community College Prototype Lab in Omaha, Nebraska, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in Texas, and Techshop in Chandler, Arizona. Her work has been widely exhibited across the country, and she has been the recipient of a number of distinguished awards, including the Juror's Award from the Surface Design Association's Explorations exhibition, the Rudy Turk Award for History in American Craft from ASU, and the Mary Beason Bishop and Francis Sumner Merit Scholarship from the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

  • M.F.A., Arizona State University
  • B.F.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • B.A., Textiles, Clothing and Design - University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Course Sampling

  • FSEM: Text and Textiles
  • Senior Capstone
  • Senior Proposal
  • Textile Design

Areas of Expertise

  • Screen printed textiles
  • Digitally printed textiles
  • Digital fabrication


The migration of birds parallels my story of navigating and deciphering what is familiar and what is unfamiliar. I grew up in a military family and we were always moving. Because my father was a Missile Launch Officer, my family was stationed in rural areas like North Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. In contrast to an urban lifestyle, our family embraced the unexpected creatures that graced our backyards - rabbits, antelopes, and badgers. Our favorite games usually involved bird watching. The thrill of discovery while observing birds in their natural environment has remained a strong memory from childhood.

It is unsettling that nature paired with my rose-colored memories function as a cover for an intercontinental ballistic missile waiting underneath the surface of the land. I'm interested in making other companions out of clashing imagery. In my work, the concept of the destructive hand is supplemented by playful illustrations of animals. Whimsical colors and plush materials seduce the viewer to forget that the content is saturated with carnage.

I believe most of us have an instinctive bond to anything that is living and vital. I am inspired by bird wings and flight, and amazed by their instincts for migration and nest building. However, something happens when I encounter a creature in the wild, it cannot be translated into knowledge without distortion or loss. In my art practice, I'm constantly searching for tools and symbols to illustrate the fragmented and confusing relationship between myself and animals. What is viewable is namable and knowable, but it is only surface deep. Surfaces are pliable objects under human dominion. The result of my three years of research and studio work culminated in the solo exhibition, Migrating Below held at the Step Gallery in Phoenix, AZ.

This body of work incorporated a multitude of disciplines and involved learning various new processes. Creating Migrating Below has provided a foundation to transition into collaborations with others. I've expanded my creative practice to include partnerships with many artists including Jessica Rath and Matthew Creech. Currently, I'm collaborating with Virginia Department of Transportation to create an exhibition as an accoutrement to the state's road kill composting program


  • Textiles
  • Natural dye
  • Craft and digital technology
  • Taxidermy
  • Roadkill compost
  • Edible invasive plants



  • "Frayed" - ARC Gallery - Juror Jade Yumang - Chicago, IL {group/juried/international}
  • "Nice is Not Enough" -Sediment Arts Gallery - Richmond, VA {invited three-person}
  • "New Kids on the Block" - Fine Arts Building Gallery - Richmond, VA {invited three-person}
  • "Materials: Hard + Soft International Contemporary Craft Competition and Exhibition" - Denton Arts - Denton, TX {group/juried/international}
  • "What Can You Do With That?" - Harry Wood Gallery - jurors Shannon Ludington and Lena Klett - Tempe, AZ {group/invitational/international}
  • "This Must Be the Place" - MCC's Gallery of Art and Design - Omaha, NE
    {collaborative two-person}
  • "Look Books" - Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference - Tampa, FL
  • "Hand in Hand: Craft and New Technologies" - Crooked Tree - Petoskey & Traverse City, MI {group/juried/national}
  • "Surface Design Association 2017 International Exhibition in Print" {group/juried/international}
  • "This Must Be the Place" - Robert Hillestad Textile Gallery - Lincoln, NE.