James Mallett

James Mallet

Professor of Finance

Dr. Mallett has been a professor at Stetson University since the mid-80's. Since starting here at Stetson, he has directed many of the programs that are run through the business school.

Ph.D., economics, Wayne State University


Course Sampling

  • Investments
  • Money and Financial Institutions
  • Personal Finance
  • International Finance (M.B.A. level)
  • Business Finance
  • Multinational Finance

Areas of Expertise

  • Investments
  • National and international finance


James Mallett has been teaching in the finance department at Stetson University since 1984. Since joining the faculty at Stetson University, Mallett has concentrated his teaching in investments, money and banking, and international finance at the undergraduate level, as well as the M.B.A. program and Innsbruck Study Abroad Program. He served as director of the Roland George Investments Program and George Investments Institute for 18 years and currently serves as director of the Summer Innsbruck Program.

Mallett has served as panelist and discussant at several financial association annual conferences and presented seminars for local investment clubs and civic groups as well as the Stetson community. He has also served on the Orange County, Fla., Investments Committee and as advisor to Stetson's University Trustees Investments Committee.

Alongside former finance department chair Andy Lerro, Mallet researched and formed the national Association of Student Managed Investment Programs.


  • Investments
  • Technology's Impact on Financial Markets
  • Socially responsible investing


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