Isabel Botero

Isabel Botero

Assistant Professor of Family Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

As a teacher, my goal is to develop a set of knowledge, skills and personal characteristics that reflect professionalism in my students. Particularly, I want to help students gain knowledge about management processes in the context of organizations, with an emphasis on the family business context. Thus, all of my teaching activities are created with these goals in mind.

  • Ph.D., Michigan State University
  • University Specialist, Universidad de Antioquia
  • B.A., Universidad de Antioquia


Course Sampling

  • Family Enterprise
  • Capstone
  • Family Enterprise
  • Special Topics
  • Principles of Management
  • Internship
  • Human Resources
  • Business Communication

Areas of Expertise

  • Family business
  • Strategic communication
  • Crisis management


Isabel C. Botero, Ph.D., is an educator, researcher and consultant in the areas of management and family enterprise. She obtained her Ph.D. from Michigan State University. Her areas of specialty include strategic communication processes, communication in and about family enterprises, influence processes in organizations and next generation issues in family enterprises.

Botero has been a full time faculty at Illinois State University and the University of Minnesota Duluth; an adjunct instructor at the University of Kentucky, DePaul University and the University of Illinois Springfield; and a visiting scholar in the College of Business and Social Science at Aarhus University in Denmark.


  • Branding in family enterprises
  • Attractiveness to family businesses
  • Family enterprises in Latin America
  • Governance in family enterprises
  • Psychological processes in family enterprises
  • Philanthropy in family firms
  • Next generation issues in family firms


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