Charles Brandon

Charles Brandon

Visiting Professor of Accounting

  • Ph.D., accounting, University of Georgia, 1972
  • M.S., accounting, Florida State University, 1968
  • B.S., accounting, Florida State University, 1967


Course Sampling

  • Managerial Accounting (undergraduate and MBA)
  • Financial Accounting (undergraduate and MBA)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (MBA)

Areas of Expertise

  • -


  • Case Studies


  • Management Accounting: Strategy and Control, with Ralph Drtina, Irwin/ McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1997.
  • Flexible Strategies--Implications for Planning & Control, co-authored, chapter in Global Business Trends: Contemporary Readings, 1996 ed., The Academy of Business Administration.
  • Consensus Forecasting Using Relative Error Weights, co-authored, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Volume 12, Number 1, 1994, pp. 37-41.
  • Winter Park Brewing Company, co-authored, Cases in Managerial Accounting, Advanced Edition. Eldon J. Gardner (ed.), 1990. Third Prize Winner in the International Case Writing Competition, University of Lethbridge, 1988.
  • A Comparative Study of Forecasting Accuracy of Holt-Winters and Economic Indicators of EPS for Financial Decision Making, co-authored, Special Issues-Financial Forecasting, Managerial Finance, 1987.
  • Comparing Forecast Accuracy for Exponential Smoothing Models of Earnings Per Share Data for Financial Decision Making, co-authored, Decision Sciences., Spring, 1986.
  • Using Modeling Languages in Managerial Accounting: An Example of Pricing Decisions, co-authored, Journal of Accounting Education, Spring, 1986.
  • Improving Accuracy of Forecasts by a Cost Effective Method, co-authored, Futures, February 1986.
  • Forecasting Earnings Per Share, co-authored, Journal of Business Forecasting, Fall, 1986.
  • Model Specification: A Reply, co-authored, Annals of Tourism Research, 1985.
  • Combining Forecasts Based on Weighing Scheme, co-authored, Journal of Business Forecasting, Winter, 984-85.