Catherine Day


Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Studies

With a background in education, environmental studies and agriculture, my focus in both research and teaching is on whole-systems thinking. I have lived in West Africa, Western Europe, Central America and most regions of the U.S., including Alaska. My wide travels inform my thinking about environmental problems and social justiceMy research interests include the influence of climate change on agricultural systems and grassroots community change to address environmental problems.

  • PhD, Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MS, Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MAT., Secondary Biology, Cornell University
  • BA, Environmental Studies and French, University of Kansas


Course Sampling

  • Environment and Society
  • Cultural and Political Ecology
  • Introduction to Mapping and GIS
  • Climate Adaptation and Planning


    Global Perspectives on Agriculture

Areas of Expertise

  • Climate vulnerability and adaptation
  • Climate transformation
  • Political ecology
  • Agricultural change
  • Home gardening
  • Food preservation
  • Climate transformation


I am a geographer who studies agricultural responses to climate change. My recent work has looked at the diverse vulnerabilities of farmers in the semi-arid U.S. Southwest. In studying the ways that agricultural is vulnerable to economic and social changes as well as climatic shifts, I work to find ways to prepare farming for the future. My past work focused on agricultural change in Niger, West Africa.


  • Agricultural change
  • Climate change
  • Political ecology
  • Transformational adaptation
  • Climate futures