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Leaving a Legacy

Project Manager: Stella Parris,

The project is two dimensional, with a focus on business development and a focus on research for the social good. TSOLife was founded by an ENACTUS student. It is an online platform that securely documents The Story Of Life and for a one-time fee stores and host the information forever. Users can share stories, videos, photos and memories with generations to come. The platform allow users to be remembered how they want to be remembered. The project consists of many business development initiatives.

Also, we previously conducted interviews with veterans at the Cloisters of Deland, a local retirement community. The experiences there led us to launch a pilot study on the effects of the TSOLife intervention on nursing home depression, an issue that has quickly grown into an epidemic in the United States with 50 percent of those in nursing home meeting the criteria for clinical depression. This far, we have received $6,500 in grants for the research.

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Strides That Matter

Project Manager: David Sawyer,

ENACTUS has partnered with Chris Batista, founder of Run 4 a Cause (see:, to create a 5K race at Stetson University. The zombie themed race takes place on Stetson’s campus on October 29, 2015. The event will also serve as a safe place for families to trick or treat. Run 4 a Cause has agreed to provide expertise regarding shirt and award purchases and distribution, insurance, refreshments, and volunteer management. As well as donate timing and directing services, and equipment for the inaugural race. The race will be annual event where students will be able to provide each aspect of the race due to the training they received. The event will also be open to the community with vendors in tents stationed in the field next to the CUB. Race profits will be split between ENACTUS and Run 4 a Cause Foundation. Run 4 a Cause donates to YMCA hardship funds so that elementary school youth who can’t afford to participate in soccer can play.

Campus Cookies

Campus Cookies

Project Manager: Margarita Parris,

The idea for the cookie project came from the University of Florida’s (UF) cookie program (see: However, we want low-income, marginalized, or disadvantaged local women to make the cookies. The goal of the project is to empower women to overcome the cycle of domestic violence by giving them financial independence. We will be training the women in domestic violence shelters how to manage their money.

Currently, the cookies are made by a stay-at-home mom in the Deland area to give them an extra source of income while raising a family. We are selling the cookies at sporting events, looking to increase our client base and brand recognition, while figuring out the logistics of a delivery system and searching for other opportunities within the community.