Carlton Union Building Renovation

The renovated and expanded CUB is now open, serving as the Student Union in the heart of campus with a new Commons dining hall, Coffee Shop, Bookstore, WHAT Radio station, Student Government Association offices, Student Lounge and more.

Under renovation for two years, the project expanded the 1950s-era building by 48 percent to 84,320 square feet, providing a larger dining hall and kitchen, coffee shop, bookstore, post office and other areas. The additional space serves a growing student body that has increased from 2,100 to more than 3,100 undergraduates on the historic DeLand campus.

The project met exacting details in retaining the historic appearance of the front of the Carlton Union Building, with its red brick exterior and stately white columns, while adding a modern flair to the eastern façade. The Commons will overlook a green space to the east through a two-story wall of glass and a covered outdoor seating area.

The updated CUB also highlights Stetson's commitment to environmental sustainability, from its design and construction to environmentally friendly practices in the Commons and solar panels on the roof.

In Spring 2019, a total of 231 solar panels on the roof will generate an estimated annual value of 131.2 MWh of clean energy. The solar project is the culmination of efforts by Stetson students to establish a Revolving Green Fund, with all students paying a $5 fee each semester for environmental projects, along with financial support from the Student Government Association and Stetson University. Savings from the projects will be rolled back into the fund for future green initiatives.

Also, a new water feature will be added east of the CUB with 42 jets of water coming out of the ground and LED lighting. The surface of the water feature will bear the seal of Stetson University and will slope gently to collect the water and recycle it back through the jets.

Inside the CUB are new offices for the Student Government Association, Hatter Network and other student groups, as well as meeting rooms, a Student Lounge, WHAT Radio station and plenty of seating nooks to talk, study and hang out. 

A new Faculty/Staff Lounge has been added on the first floor. On the second floor, the Stetson Room has been remodeled for large events and banquets, and there are new offices for Campus Life and Student Success.

Opening Ceremony

On Friday, Jan. 18, 2019, at noon, a Dedication and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony was held in front of the renovated and expanded Carlton Union Building. 

Speakers at the ceremony included

  • Wendy B. Libby, PhD, President and University Professor, Stetson University
  • Tony Jenkins, Trustee, Stetson University
  • M. Lee McGraw '79, Former Trustee, Stetson University
  • Andrew Glasnovich '09, Former Student Government Association President, Stetson University
  • Robert Reis, Architect, Hanbury
  • Bob Lipscomb, CEO, Williams Company
  • Danny Mejia '19, President, Student Government Association

After the speakers, the Stetson Gospel and Cultural Choir performed “Lean on Me” before Libby cut the green ribbon.

Dedication and Ribbon-Cutting

The Dedication and Ribbon-cutting Ceremony, celebrating the renovation of the Carlton Union Building, will take place onFriday, Jan. 18, 2019, from noon to 12:30 p.m. on the Front Steps of the CUB. Afterward, an Open House and Tours will be available from 12:30-1 p.m.

CUB Construction

The CUB is undergoing a $30 million renovation and expansion through 2018 that will enlarge and update the dining hall and kitchen, add meeting rooms and a lounge for students, and provide new offices for student groups and student services. The overall goal of the CUB renovations is to better serve students, provide space for the growing student body and have the student organizations and services in a central location on campus.

  • The Commons dining hall will be enlarged and a wall of glass will be added across the east wall, providing a scenic view of green space and an exterior patio dining area.
  • The faculty will continue to have a lounge area in the building.
  • The new, larger Bookstore has opened downstairs and is connected to the Convenience Store, Copy Center and the Post Office.
  • The CUB will be enlarged from 52,000 square feet to 86,584 square feet, and the work will occur in phases through the summer of 2019.
  • The Hat Rack Café, which hosts Einstein Bros. Bagels and Johnny Rockets, will not be impacted during the project.
  • Through 2018, other areas will be renovated including the lobby, Faculty Lounge and Stetson Room. The Stetson Room will remain the same size and will have a corridor running the length of it that overlooks the dining room below.

The project will expand the CUB by 30,000 square feet, and the vast majority of the new space is designed for use by students and student organizations.

Summer 2018 Update

When Fall Semester 2018 begins, students will find the Commons Dining Hall has been expanded, and offices for student groups and other spaces have been constructed in the Carlton Union Building.

The second phase of the CUB expansion and renovation is scheduled for completion by early August. The Commons Dining Hall will offer more food choices, including a stone-hearth pizza oven and meal stations with a Mongolian grill, a larger salad bar, home-style cooking and foods that avoid gluten and eight top allergens.

Beginning in August 2018, students will enter the new Commons Dining Hall from the North Lobby, across from the Campus Bookstore. Workers then will finish the final phase of the CUB project -- renovating the south wing -- by early January 2019, with a renovated Coffee Shop, Faculty Lounge and offices on the second floor for Campus Life and Student Success.

During summer 2018, Stetson staff members have started moving into new offices on the second floor of the new North Wing, including the Center for Community Engagement. New offices are ready for the Student Government Association, a new student lounge is ready and the Stetson online radio station, WHAT, is almost finished. 

The Offices for Campus Life and Student Success, including Lua Hancock, Vice President for Campus Life and Student Success, and Lynn Schoenberg, Dean of Students, will remain in the two houses on Bert Fish Drive, formerly used by the Student Health and Student Counseling Services, until early January 2019.

The Coffee Cafe

Stetson Dining's Coffee Cafe will be open in the Rinker Welcome Center, as of Saturday, Aug. 18, at 9 a.m. Stop into our temporary location (first floor, next to the north stairwell) and say hey to your favorite baristas!

This location is temporary until the new expanded Coffee Shop opens in the south wing of the Carlton Union Building in early January 2019.

CUB History

The changes come 60 years after the CUB opened in the fall semester of 1957 at a cost of $1,250,000, according to The Stetson Reporter on Aug. 30, 1957. The building was dedicated in 1958 and named after Doyle E. Carlton, the governor of Florida from 1929 to 1933, who graduated from Stetson and served as a trustee, according to records and photographs in the Stetson University Archives.

Carlton Union Building Floor Plans