Meet the Environmental Fellows

Sarah Coffey

Sarah Coffey


Major(s): Environmental science and geography, honors

As the first environmental fellow, Sarah works to mentor the younger fellows to follow their passions and to become better leaders in the Stetson community. She is an environmental science and geography major who is passionate about implementing social and behavioral change using an interdisciplinary approach. Sarah is particularly interested in environmental justice issues as well as the bidirectional relationship between industrialized food systems and climate change.

With the support of her professors, she became a 2016 Udall Scholar for her environmental initiatives and engagement with the Stetson community. She is also a 2017 Campus Compact Civic Newman Fellow due to her social justice activism in the community. In the future, she hopes to help build sustainable communities and include all people, especially the indigenous, as a part of the solution.

Nathan Bodger

Nathan Michael Bodger


Major(s): Religious studies

Minor(s): History, anthropology, philosophy and environmental studies

Nathan is the second environmental fellow, and as a dual citizen of the UK and USA he brings a broad understanding of environmental issues and understands the need for international solutions. He is a religious studies major and is intrigued by the role religion and culture play in people’s mindsets and everyday decisions.

Nathan’s primary focus of as a fellow is understanding the role that religion plays in environmental stewardship. What do various religious doctrines teach about the environment? Do some religions have a more environmentally friendly disposition than others? These are just some of the questions he seeks to answer. After graduating from Stetson University, Nathan plan on continuing his education and eventually attaining a Ph.D. in some area of religious studies.

Allison Terry

Ally Terry


Major(s): Environmental studies

Minor(s): Management and communication and media studies

Allison Terry is Stetson’s third environmental fellow. Her passion for the natural world focuses on preserving coasts and mountains as well as the species in them. Her concern for the degradation of clean water and air by pollution inspires her work to educate others and raise awareness about current challenges to the environment. To her it is simple: these environments provide all life on earth with ecosystem services necessary for survival, so we MUST protect them.

Allison is refining her skills through a major in environmental studies and a double minor in management and communication to gain a better understanding of how the environment impacts multiple aspects of our lives and how she can convey these ideas to the public. She aspires to work for and manage non-profit environmental organizations focused on sustainability and upholding everyone’s environmental rights.