Environmental Fellows 2017

Environmental Sustainability Fellows

The environmental fellows work with a faculty mentor to develop a more cognizant and purposeful Stetson community focused on social, economic and environmental practices. We foster a culture of environmentalism through education and direct involvement with our campus and the greater community.

The Environmental Sustainability Fellow Scholarship is open to high school students for the upcoming school year.

Earth Week Events - Spring 2017

Take a look at our Earth Week events for fun activities, valuable discussion and Cultural Credit!

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Mission Statement

To improve the sustainability of Stetson University and the surrounding community through research, providing feedback and taking action.

Meet the Fellows


Carbon Footprint

  • Spring 2017: Carbon Fee and Dividend Letters - Allison and Sarah encouraged students to fight climate change by signing a template letter to their member of Congress supporting the Citizen's Climate Lobby Carbon Fee and Dividend Plan.
  • Spring 2016-Spring 2017: Revolving Green fund - Working on an idea that Sarah had previously championed, Nathan aimed to start a revolving green fund at Stetson University. He created a survey to assess student interest, involvement and habits regarding sustainability. 156 Students from 32 majors took the survey. Based on this survey Nathan wrote a proposal for the implementation of a revolving green fund, funded by student fees. This proposal went for the SGA who wanted various amendments made and a larger survey to be done. All amendments were completed, including ensuring the transparency and student sovereignty over the fund, and an online survey which reached over 300 students was designed. This proposal passed the SGA without a single vote against it and is now waiting to be approved by the Board of Trustees before it is implemented.
  • Fall 2016: Amendment One “Blocks the Sun” Programming - Sarah set up a cultural credit event that was a panel discussion about Amendment One. Allison created informational and eye-catching handouts and flyers about Amendment One. Sarah, Ally, and Nate tabled at Stetson and at Artisan Alley in downtown DeLand to hand out flyers and raise awareness about the truth behind Amendment One. This was a great success because they reached hundreds of people with their flyers and Amendment One was defeated!
  • Spring 2015, 2016: Energy Competitions in Dorms - Sarah led a one-month long energy competition in the freshman dorms in March 2015. In Spring 2016, she led a semester-long competition between all the dorms. This involved tracking and calculating energy usage for all participants by residential hall. The winners earned a free meal from Chick-Fil-A.
  • Spring 2016-present: Solar Initiative - All of the fellows are actively working to get solar panels on Stetson’s campus and have had regular meetings with other students and facilities to make this happen.
  • Fall 2014-present: Greenhouse Gas Audits - The fellows have calculated the greenhouse gas emissions for Stetson University’s campus for the following fiscal years: 2013, 2015 and 2016. They have also written reports and presented the materials to administration and the Stetson community.

Water Conservation

  • Spring 2017: Bottle Filling Station Proposal - Allison proposed for more bottle fill stations to be put in high traffic areas on campus that do not currently have one. These stations have filters on them, which makes students more comfortable with drinking the local water instead of buying bottled water (that takes more water to produce than each bottle contains). Al Allen agreed to put four new bottle fill stations on campus over the summer of 2017.

Food Systems

  • Fall 2016: Food Forum - Sarah and Allison participated in a sustainable food group led by Lua Hancock where they brainstormed ways to improve the sustainability of food operations and the dining experience at Stetson. After this, they branched off into different sections to help the cause of sustainable food at Stetson.
  • Spring 2017: Food Forum Marketing and Communication - Allison worked with Lindsey Bishop to spread information about Stetson's local and sustainable food efforts through presentations to cafeteria workers and Stetson students, as well as tabling and displaying simple, impactful signage. The tabling also provided students with information about how to be sustainable in all aspects of their life. Incentives were given to students and cafeteria workers to reduce their percentage of food waste by initiating the "clean plate" competition.
  • Fall 2014: Zero-waste Dining Proposal - Sarah proposed three different technological solutions for reducing food waste at Stetson. As a result, the university has decided to implement a pulper, which could be turned into a soil additive that will reduce the need for fossil-fuel intensive fertilizer on campus.
  • Spring 2016: Food Waste Campaign - Sarah and Nate worked on a Reduce Food Waste Campaign in which we created signage to raise awareness of the impact of throwing away food. Sarah spoke with employees of Chartwells.
  • Fall 2016: Food Waste Group - Sarah is a co-chair with Senior Director of Dining Services, Barbara Stolz, of the group to reduce food waste. We are working on improving behaviors as well as implementing technical solutions to the problem of food waste.


  • Fall 2015: America Recycles Day - Nathan worked with the on-campus recycling student employee group, supervised by Dale Peterson, to set up an event which was designed to raise awareness about the need to recycle, and what exactly can be recycled. The event was very successful and well attended.
  • Fall 2015: Recycling with On-Campus Vendors - Nathan developed and implemented custom recycling signage to accommodate the waste of food vendors in the buildings they used, which dramatically cut down on a number of items being thrown in the trash.
  • Fall 2014: Recycling Campaign - Sarah led a week-long campaign to raise awareness of the importance of recycling on campus. She promoted the recycling of electronics in particular and had a cultural credit event on "The Story of Stuff" with Dr. Evans. She also put an article on Stetson Today about the Stetson Scrappers and had students sign a "recycling pledge" in front of the CUB throughout the week.

Community Outreach

  • Spring 2017: Boys and Girls Club Garden - The Fellows regularly visit with the Lacey Family Boys and Girls club to help them with their garden and to provide environmental education opportunities.
  • Spring 2017: Keep Stetson Sustainable - The Fellows professionally recorded short video skits around campus that discuss quick tips to students about how they can have a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Spring 2017: Sustainability Tabling - Allison tabled on the Stetson campus to inform students about how they can be more sustainable in their everyday lives and how that can make a positive impact on the environment.
  • Spring 2017: Wild Utah: America’s Redrock Wilderness - Allison organized for Travis Hammill and Allahandro Bradford of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance to present at Stetson University (for a cultural credit) about the importance and protection of Utah’s red rock wilderness.
  • Spring 2016-present: Sustainability House - Sarah proposed a sustainability-themed residential experience for students in 2016 and served as the house manager during the 2016-2017 school year. Ally is continuing the project as the house manager for the 2017-2018 school year. Their main focus is creating sustainable food systems through hydroponic and organic gardening.
  • Spring 2016, 2017: Earth Day Festival - Sarah organized an Earth Day Fair with a range of participants and activities, including students from Dr. Watt's environmental communications class, Project H2O, Green Volusia, Chris Cloudman, Stetson Recycles, Cleo Koenig's Environmental Art, the Gillespie Museum, the Seed Library, the Stetson Beekeeping Club, the Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience, the Stetson Environmental Club, Hatter Harvest and a book drive called Books for Africa. There were four hours of live musical performances from Stetson students. She planned a similar event with sustainable food vendors, live music, environmental activities and organizations, as well as sustainability project presentations in April 2017.
  • Spring 2016: Environmental Column - Nathan wrote a series of articles in the Stetson reporter about the importance of environmental sustainability initiatives to the global future.
  • Fall 2016: International Coastal Cleanup - Sarah organized the event by working with Stetson’s Circle K International (CKI) to make it a cultural credit event. She also helped inform the Stetson community about the volunteer opportunity. Allison compiled discussion questions and created brochures containing information on the impacts of pollution on marine ecosystems to discuss during the event.
  • Spring 2015, 2016: Environmental Forums - Sarah presented on the 2013 Greenhouse Gas Audit at an Earth Day Environmental Forum in April 2015. She planned an Environmental Forum in April 2016 and hosted Christ Castro, the Director of Sustainability for the City of Orlando. He discussed his role in making Orlando one of the most sustainable cities, as well as his non-profit, Ideas for Us.
  • Spring 2015: DeLeon Springs State Park - Every Monday for the entire semester, Sarah took a few students out to DeLeon Springs State Park to do certain conservation projects and working with the park rangers. Some of these projects include hydrilla removal, coral Ardisia removal, picking up trash and other trail maintenance. This is community-engaged learning in which we overlapping our service with community needs, academic interests and even career interests.
  • Fall 2014-present: Environmental film/discussion (cultural credits) - Sarah has organized and led events on environmental films like Gasland and Cowspiracy. She also organized a forum on the SoCal Gas Leak in January 2016.
  • Fall 2014-present: Center for Community Engagement Days of Service - Sarah and Nate have organized or facilitated over 7 official days of service with the Stetson Center for Community Engagement including the following: Values Day 2014, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service 2015, Stetson Service Day 2015, Values Day 2015, Friends and Family Day of Service 2015, and Doug Lee Day of Service 2016.