Why Canvas

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The move from Blackboard to Canvas as the university's Learning Management System was predicated on the dissatisfaction of faculty, staff, students, and IT members with Blackboard, the desire for a more modern, less archaic and problematic system, and the exorbitant, increasing costs associated with our current LMS.

Canvas, by Instructure, is a modern, Software-as-Service (SaaS), cloud-based system that was designed and built to answer faculty, staff, student, and IT professional's complaints about Blackboard. Since its beginnings in 2011, Canvas has grown to be the platform of choice for over 1/3rd of the higher education institutions in the United States. At the same time, Blackboard has had its percentage shrink from 70% to less than 25% of the higher education institutions.

In fact, in-depth consultations with two campuses that have transitioned to Canvas (Embry-Riddle and Rollins) highlighted that after the initial transition, faculty and students were satisfied with the new LMS and preferred it to the previous one. The exorbitant increase in cost, performance concerns and academic benefits prompted us to evaluate the possibility of migrating to Canvas over Summer 2021 (at the end of our current contract). The decision to move to Canvas was made in conjunction with select faculty at both the Deland and Gulfport campuses. The overwhelming response was positive. This migration also follows industry trends verified by many of our ICUF peer institutions.

The academic benefits of Canvas also outweigh Blackboard for the following reasons:

  • Tracking student progress:
  • Notifications to/from students
  • Due Dates & "To-do" Lists
  • Keeping track of assignments/tests including modification of due dates
  • Course analytics
  • ADA compatibility at no extra cost
  • Full integration with Office 365, and
  • Cloud-based system since inception