Event Approver FAQ

We understand that questions might arise while managing the event requests of a location in the new calendar system, Dude Solutions. Please take a moment to read the questions below for further assistance.

How/Where do I log in to the calendar?

The system is located at "calendar.stetson.edu." You log in using the "Log In" button on the top right of the page. Use your Stetson email and password to log in to the calendar.

How do I see my pending events?

Open the left sidebar and select the "Events" section. Then, select the "Pending Your Approval" section.

Is there anything I need to keep in mind when approving events?

Make sure that the "Featured Event" option is not checked and that the "Cultural Credit" category is not used. These are both set by other departments once the event is approved.

The events list I see is huge. Why is that?

As an approver, you can see each event in the system. This includes all events, meetings and classes.

Can I submit an event to a space I own? What happens?

You can. When you do, the event will be automatically approved after submitting.

An event was submitted for my space, but I did not receive an email confirming the submission. What do I do?

Emails can take up to five minutes to be sent from the system.

Can/should I fill out an event request for someone else?

You can, but we highly advise against it because you will then be responsible for the event. We suggest that you help them by submitting the event themselves.

What happens when I approve an event?

The event is then added to the calendar, and the requester of the event is notified by email.

What happens when I deny an event?

The event request is deleted, and the requester is notified by email. If they would like to try and re-submit, they will have to start from the beginning.

Can my room have a required lead time to request an event?

Yes. To get this set up, please contact web@stetson.edu

Can my room be locked down so that only certain people can request it?

No. If a room is in the system, it must be included in the list of spaces on the event request form. If an event is submitted that would not be permitted, we recommend reaching out to the requester directly and let them know that this is not a suitable room.

If I am not able to look at event requests for an extended period, what will happen to the events submitted?

The event will remain pending until it is approved by a room approver for that room. Because of this, we recommend having multiple approvers. That way, someone will always be available. We also ask the requester that no submissions are made after noon on Fridays.

What is the difference between "Public," "Private" and "Unlisted"?

  • Public: An event that is open to the entire Stetson Community, this event will appear on the public calendar.
  • Private: A private event, such as a meeting or class that is not open to the entire Stetson Community, this event will not appear on the public calendar.
  • Unlisted: Should only be used by facilities to block the use of a room for renovations, this event will not appear on the public calendar.