Brand Typography

Myriad Pro should be used for most subhead and body copy applications. Myriad Pro is a flexible typeface with a range of weights to meet most needs. Its character width accommodates more text in less space. Stetson University uses Myriad Pro for most of our text applications, including some headlines, subheads, body copy and captions. When Myriad Pro is not available, Gill Sans may be used as an alternative.

When using Stetson University as a logo in place of the wordmark or in a headline, Goudy Old Style Regular should be used. Myriad Pro should never be used when Stetson University appears as a logo.

When listing departments in conjunction with the Stetson University logo, Helvetica Neue Light should be used.

For communications with heavy amounts of body copy like press releases and editorial features, Adobe Garamond can be used as an alternative to Myriad Pro. This font is easier read when faced with large bodies of text. If Adobe Garamond is not available, Minion Pro may be used as an alternate font.

Official Logo Fonts

Goudy Old Style

Helvetica Neue

Web Font


Primary Print Fonts

Myriad Pro

Gill Sans

Secondary Print Fonts

Adobe Garamond

Minion Pro