Brand Statement

Brand positioning statement

Since 1883, Stetson University's vision has remained constant - engage students with challenging academics and instill in them values for life; educate those who are daring enough to pursue not just success, but significance. Students develop the ability to think critically, explore deeply and express ideas clearly and creatively. Our commitment is to engage students in every aspect of their academic and campus life, to nurture the skills necessary to rise above personal challenge and shape the future.

We are committed to academic excellence in a community of inspired learning. Faculty and staff enable teaching and learning to take place at the highest possible levels with support and involvement from our extraordinarily loyal parents, alumni and friends. We strive to attract and engage the most capable students by selecting them for the academic and personal attributes they possess, and for the contributions they can make to campus life and brand of excellence.

Abbreviated brand statement

The brand positioning statement establishes who we are and what makes us different. The brand personality drives the tone, look and feel associated with the brand. When combined with brand messaging, both provide a strong framework that is memorable and compelling, as well as easy to convey and support.

Our mission at Stetson University is to provide an excellent education in a creative, inspired and engaged community where learning and values meet. This learning with purpose allows students to reach their potential as individuals and live significant lives.

  • The brand in a phrase: Stetson University - From Success to Significance.
  • The brand in a tagline: Dare to be Significant.™