Logos, Wordmarks and Seal

The Stetson University wordmark's proper application is critical in establishing consistency, clarity, strength and legibility. When the wordmark's legibility is compromised, our brand is also compromised. When applying a signature over photographic images or backgrounds, legibility is the most important consideration. Our logotype, value line, tag line and school/college name must maintain their visual integrity on every printed and digital application. Therefore, the signature area must be kept free from complex or distracting images or backgrounds that provide insufficient contrast for the signature. These rules apply to all Stetson University signatures.

Adherence to these guidelines will only help Stetson University position itself as a university that provides a desirable education and skill for significant life.

  • When possible, the preference is to use color versions of the logo.
  • When the logo is placed on a color of 40 percent or more, it should be reversed (white).
  • Sometimes a horizontal logo does not work well with a design. The stacked logo is an approved usage option.

Official Wordmarks

Horizontal Wordmark

Stetson University Horizontal Wordmark

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Stacked Wordmark

Stetson University Stacked Wordmark

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Official Seal

The university seal may only be used on official documents such as transcripts, major reports and research covers, diplomas, contracts, formal invitations and signage.

It may only appear on selected wearing apparel and gift items upon proper licensing and approval by University Marketing.

Athletics Logo Marks


Any questions about the use of Stetson University Athletics logo marks, colors and usage should be directed to the Department of Athletics at athletics@stetson.edu or 386-822-8100.