The Evolution of Stetson University's Brand

Link to Stetson Brand Evolution presentation

In 2006, Patrick Davis and Davis Brand Capital worked with Stetson University in DeLand and Gulfport to refocus the university's brand. In Fall 2006 then President H. Douglas Lee issued a Campus Brand Standard Guide that was the basis of the university’s brand management. 

That evolved in 2010, at a faculty forum meeting, there was a document circulated, titled “2010 Faculty Forum Brand Document” that revised the previous 2006 work. The Brand Statement was expanded and the differentiators changed into brand points

2006 Differentiators:

  • Deep engagement and transformation
  • Stimulating intellectual environment
  • Community
  • Active social responsibility

The 2006 campaign was differentiated by college and school and specific messages were built around each.

2010 Brand Points:

  • Inspired Learning
  • Engaged Learning
  • Learning with Purpose

The 2010 campaign became: “Dare to be Significant”

In 2012 the brand evolved and began to change again and was organized around the university’s core values. The Brand Points and Brand Statement were both revised after a review of the university’s brand standards.

2012 Brand Points:

  • Active Learning
  • Personal Challenge
  • Social Engagement 

This was solidified in a new Brand Guide that was updated, but not essentially changed, in 2014.

In 2016-17, the campaign was updated from “Dare to be Significant” to “Can Changes Everything.” There is a marketing document presented to enrollment management that outlines how that campaign is communicated and expressed.

The Stetson Brand Evolution presentation illustrates these changes from 2006-2017, and the different ways in which the brand campaigns were expressed.