Development and Alumni Engagement

The fundraising efforts of the Office of Development and Alumni Engagement touch all areas of the university and is the primary point of contact for tens of thousands of Stetson University alumni, donors, benefactors, and current and past parents involved with Stetson. Outside of enrollment, this is where the university brand promise stands up to be counted as development recently topped $114 million toward the $150 million mark in the “Beyond Success - Significance” campaign

For greater insight into Stetson University alumni, their perceptions and attitudes toward the university and their level of engagement there is a Marts&Lundy Survey Report from October of 2013, along with several pages of M&L survey comments, a Marts&Lundy “case statement” piece and the outreach letter that accompanied the Marts&Lundy survey.

There are also samples of development’s messaging through three solicitation letter pieces from President Wendy B. Libby, Ph.D., Stetson parents Kim and Stan Van Gundy, and a student profile solicitation of Emmie Wenzell, as well as a campaign letter that accompanied a donor proposal.

Finally, there is a Green, White & YOU PowerPoint to describe the organization and how it helps create engaged students that become engaged alumni.