Brand Colors

Color is an extremely important expression of our brand's personality especially in higher education. We are dialing up the use of silver/gray to help our audience distinguish Stetson University as an upscale, yet obtainable, university. Our Alumni-oriented marketing will continue to use the SU Green as the most prominent color. Schools now have their own Sub-Branded colors. Highlight and Sub-Brand palettes are intended for limited use.

Brand Core Palette

  SU Green
Print: Pantone 363
Web: #3D8E33
  SU Gray
Print: Pantone 424
Web: #666666
  SU Black
Print: Pantone Black
Web: #000000

Highlight Palette

  SU Metallic
Print: Pantone 8801
Web: #777777
  SU Warm Gray
Print: Pantone Warm Gray 9
Web: #847870
  SU Light Green
Print: Pantone 579
Web: #C9D6A3