Academic Value Proposition

Beginning in August of 2016 Provost Noel Painter, the provost’s cabinet (all Deans, Associate Provost, Director of Curriculum and Assessment, Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Executive Director of Academic Affairs) and Lua Hancock, Vice President of Campus Life and Student Services have been working through an answer to one of the hardest questions for any university.

What is the value of a Stetson University education?

Noel and the provost's cabinet received input from faculty leadership, Board of Trustee members, and in a much broader attempt at input, reached out to students, faculty, staff, and alumni. At the core of this document is this: the foundational elements of a Stetson education that we believe are (or should be) a part of the academic experience for each student. 

This is the question that has to be answered when anyone talks about a university’s “brand.” If you cannot identify your value, then you certainly cannot expect prospective students and parents to be able to articulate that value proposition, you can’t expect your donors to know “why” in “why give?”, and you cannot expect your university colleagues to rally around the flag if you don’t know what’s flying. 

There are three versions, so you can see the work in progress.

2016 The value of a Stetson education synthesis is from December of last year and probably one of the earliest versions.

3-17 The value of a Stetson education is a cleaner iteration of the five primary points.

The value of a Stetson Education final is the finalized version.

These are extremely useful in looking at the value statement from the perspective of the faculty and administrators working with students in and out of the classroom, mentoring them and shaping the future. For comparison I include a 2015 Value Proposition Statement in our brand discovery files. The language is different, but there are similarities, which is a testament to the consistency of a Stetson education.