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Brand Guidelines

Why do we need brand guidelines?

The Stetson University Brand guidelines are a system of design elements created to visually communicate our brand positioning and create an "ownable," cohesive, differentiating look and feel for Stetson University. Consistent use of these guidelines will strengthen the Stetson University brand, providing all the brand efficiencies and synergies we need as we grow in stature and recognition.

This system was created to capture the spirit of Stetson University as a university of "Active Learning." In a world of crowded, cluttered marketing channels, "Active" takes on a unique meaning. With so many competitors visually shouting at their audiences, it is "Active" to present a simple, clear and direct message to the consumer - to cut through the clutter and deliver information in a refined, organized manner.

These guidelines introduce a collection of visual elements such as color, imagery and graphics and also shows how they can come together to help you create consistent, unique, "ownable" communication pieces. These guidelines are less a specification, and more a point of departure for future ideas and executions. This system is organic and flexible; it's designed to work for the Stetson University brand, individual schools' sub-brands and for the "Inspired" marketers who bring the brand to life!

Stetson University brand and history

A brand is what others say we are. It's what we are in the mind of our target audience - unprompted. It's not just about a tagline; it's really about whether a tagline accurately reflects the institution. When reviewing the research completed and surveys conducted on past branding efforts at Stetson University, we found many consistencies. In building this brand document, it was our objective to evaluate past branding efforts and to bring forward relevant items that reflect who we are today and what we do day-to-day.

Graphically, we've updated our look to reflect relevant, current style; that is, things that are not trendy, but current. All this is moderated by the fact that we are asking our audiences to make a sizeable investment of money and time, and we have to be worthy of that investment.