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Free Resource for bicyclists on campus!

Hey Students, Faculty, and Staff – do you ride a bicycle?  Or do you want to ride a bicycle on campus?  There are free resources right here on campus to help you! Stetson Cycles Bicycle Workshop does repairs on all

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Free Safety Course for Bicyclists on Thursday!

Do you ride your bicycle on campus or around DeLand?  Or are you thinking about it?  Then you need to come to Cycling Savvy this Thursday from 6PM-9PM in Sage 257!  Cycling Savvy is the best bicycle safety course available

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Stetson Cycles Supports Safe Cycling – Tune-ups, Lights, and More!

Do you ride a bicycle on campus or when commuting to campus?  Stetson Cycles wants to make sure that you are safe by offering bicycle tune-ups, a free bicycle pump, free bicycle registration help, and free bicycle taillights. Details below. (If you live close

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Stetson Cycles reminds bicyclists to register their bicycle!

Stetson Cycles is here to help bicyclists. Please read below if you have a bicycle on campus because we are here for you! – If you have a bicycle on campus Stetson Cycles wants to remind you to register it

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24/7 Bicycle Pump at Stetson Cycles ready for use!

A 24/7 bicycle pump is available for use by all bicyclists at Stetson by the Stetson Cycles bicycle shop.  The bicycle pump has an air gauge and is compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves and has instructions attached.  The pump

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Hey bicyclists – two events you don’t want to miss!

Hey cyclists, do you have an opening in your schedule Friday afternoon or Saturday morning?  Great!  Stetson Cycles has two great events you don’t want to miss out on.  See below for more… First, the DeLand Chamber’s Bicycle and Trail

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Stetson Cycles Shop opens for Fall 2014!

Stetson Cycles is proud to reopen its bicycle shop for Fall 2014!  We will be open on Wednesday, Aug. 20 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. to help cyclists on campus and to return the bicycles from Summer Bicycle Storage.  We will

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Stetson Cycles invites all bicyclists to Cycle Blast 2014!

Stetson Cycles wants all bicyclists from the Stetson Community to come out to Cycle Blast 2014 on Saturday, Aug. 23, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., in Artisan Alley. It doesn’t matter whether you rode your bike this morning or haven’t ridden since

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Do you need to bring a car to campus? Consider bicycling!

Hello Hatters, Fall semester will be starting in a few short weeks and you are probably preparing for coming to Stetson.  So, at this time we would like you to think about whether you will really need a car on

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For all bicycle owners with a bicycle on campus this summer

This is an alert for all bicycle owners who either left their bicycle on campus over the summer or are staying on campus over this summer and have their bicycle. Please read this full announcement. Thank You! If you have

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Stetson Cycles Announces 24/7 Bicycle Pump!

Bicycle tires low?  Well then use Stetson Cycles 24/7 Bicycle Pump to pump ’em up! Stetson Cycles has installed a bicycle pump for use by all Stetson Faculty, Students, and Staff whenever needed 24/7/365.  The bicycle pump is installed directly

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Help Prevent Bicycle Theft!

Hello Hatters, In the past few weeks there have been several bicycle thefts on campus.  Please take a few minutes to help reduce the chance that your (or another Hatter’s) bicycle will be stolen.  Here are a few simple steps

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Free Bicycle Tune-ups!

Does your bicycle have a flat tire? Do your bicycle shifters not work properly? Do your bicycle brakes not stop the bicycle? Then bring your bicycle into the Stetson Cycles bicycle shop to get it fixed.  The Stetson Cycles shop

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Ride a Bicycle or Walk to the Football Game!

Hello Stetson Community, Please ride a bicycle or walk to the next football game.  Just go to Amelia Ave. next to Carson/Hollis Hall and follow the DeLand Greenway south to the football stadium (map here). – It is much faster

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Free summer bike storage

Stetson Cycles will be offering free bike storage this summer.  We have a limited amount of space in our shed for bike storage so contact us early in order to reserve space. To be eligible for the bike storage: 1.

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