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Enric Cordoba, Stetson’s current Social Justice Advocate, and Mira Saad will be presenting their proposal for Stetson to become a “sanctuary campus” and ensure Stetson is inclusive of undocumented/DACA students tonight at SGA’s senate meeting in the LBC’s Rinker Auditorium …

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The awarded student is recognized for his/her outstanding role as a public advocate of social justice, promoting the advancement of social political, identity, sexual, educational, legal, economic and other human rights. The recipient of the Social Justice Advocacy Award¬†will be …

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Are you interested in an independent analysis of Stetson University’s finances? ¬†This week we’ll examine questions like: Where does SU’s revenue come from? Where is it spent? What percentage goes into faculty salaries? Administrative salaries? Financial Aid for students? Dr. …

Where does the money go? Find out with us! 9/22 7pm 25L; 9/23 12:15pm 25L Read More »

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