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Hatter Network Presents: The Fake News Game Show

Hatter Network will be hosting a fake news game show as an interactive and fun way to educate about spotting fake news and determining what’s legitimate reporting. Compete with your friends to see if you can spot what’s real and

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The Reporter is Looking for Stories Regarding Hurricane Matthew

If you were majorly affected by the mandatory evacuation of campus and lengthy cancellation of classes caused by Hurricane Matthew, The Stetson Reporter would love to tell your story. Email reporterstaff@gmail.com or message us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HatterNetwork/ to arrange for an interview, or to

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The Reporter Seeks to Interview Donald Trump Supporters

The Stetson Reporter is looking to interview students, faculty and staff members who support Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee. Your words and image may be used in an upcoming article should you participate. If you are willing to participate

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The Reporter Seeks to Interview Women Regarding Hillary Clinton

The Stetson Reporter would like to interview women regarding their feelings about Hillary Clinton as a person, the first major-party female nominee for president, and potentially the next president of the United States. Students, faculty and staff willing to be

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Hatter Network Is Accepting Story Ideas!

Hatter Network, the conglomeration of Stetson student media enterprises that includes The Reporter, WHAT Radio and the brand-new video broadcast Hatter News Network, is accepting ideas for written articles, podcasts and videos! Students, faculty and staff can submit their ideas through this link

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The Reporter is Hiring

The Stetson Reporter is looking to expand its staff for next year. Writers, photographers and editors are welcome. These positions will be paid via stipends at the beginning of the semester. Staff members can write and/or photograph news, sports, arts

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