Author: Jeff Margheim

Administrative Services Building security

As part of the ongoing effort to improve security in academic and administrative buildings, the entrances at the Administrative Services Building will remain locked throughout the day.  The main entrance to the Business Office and the entrance to the Print

Direct Deposit Change Confirmation

Due to a recent security breach in which one individual’s email account was compromised and used by an imposter to initiate a direct deposit banking change, we are initiating an additional security measure.  When a request for a direct deposit change

Finance Office welcomes new Controller

The finance office is pleased to announce a selection for the controller position, which was held by Melissa Peters prior to her promotion to associate vice president for budgets. John Kraus will join Stetson in early December. John has been the controller for Evangel University in

Transition of faculty/staff dining dollars to Chartwells

As we work through several issues with the transition to Chartwells, I am able to confirm that any faculty and staff unused dining dollars currently held on account will be transferred and usable by Chartwells after July 1.  Also, we

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Fiscal year-end check schedule

Thursday, June 30, is the end of fiscal year 2010-11.  Check requisitions / travel reimbursements, etc., need to be received in the Finance Office by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 12, to assure that they will be entered into the 2010-11

IRS 1098-T information available at

Paper copies of IRS Form 1098-T will be mailed prior to January 31 according to IRS regulations.  Students may access this information immediately using using the following process: After logging in to, select “Student Services” Select “Student Account”