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Calling All Previous Resident Assistants

Were you a student leader in college? Did you work for a Residence Life department as an undergrad? Were you a resident assistant (RA)? Residential Living and Learning is looking for faculty and staff who have served as a resident assistant

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Introducing the 2018 – 2019 Community Catalyst Houses

Community Catalyst Houses are a living – learning option for 2018-2019 that will engage returning students in an environment at Stetson where living, learning and values meet. Students with common interests (academic or community interests) who have an outward facing┬ádesire

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Apply to be an RA!

The Department of Residential Living and Learning is looking for candidates who: Demonstrate strong one on one communication with others Value teamwork and are able to be a team player Are talented in balancing many things (classes, the job, personal

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