Travel to England and Scotland This May

On May 13-30, 2022, Dr. Kimberly Reiter will take interested students, faculty and staff to travel the landscapes of ancient and medieval Britain.

This year, we will be in Scotland and north England, exploring the natural environment, landscapes and archaeology of the region. On the itinerary this year is the mysterious Loch Ness, the Orkney Islands in the far north, a wild ride though the stunning Lake District and its hidden Roman and prehistoric ruins, a visit to the utopian industrial village New Lanark, a walk along Hadrian’s Wall, some breathtaking cathedrals and ancient tombs, a passage in time through 17th-century Edinburgh under the modern city, a bit of Harry Potter, and even a few ice age sites. Along the way, we will explore the Scottish highlands, the Yorkshire Moors, the northern coasts and the great Lochs. We will get off the beaten path, but also have free time to wander the great medieval and modern towns of York, Durham and Edinburgh.

The information session will be broadcast 5 p.m. on Sept. 22 by Zoom link. Contact Dr. Reiter at [email protected] for link, details and a brochure.