Community Standards COVID Addendum

The Office of Community Standards has updated the COVID Addendum for the 2021-2022 academic year.  The Code of Community Standards and the COVID Addendum can be found on the Office of Community Standards website:

COVID guidelines have been added to the Stetson University Code of Community Standards in response to COVID-19 to increase awareness, understanding, and safety among students and the university community.

Additionally, the Student Conduct Board is still looking for members for the upcoming academic year! The application is available on Stetson Engage and more information is below.

The Stetson University Student Conduct Board is a peer-review board that has the authority to hear cases involving alleged violations of the Code of Community Standards. The board is comprised of a number of students selected by an application process. The Student Conduct Board hears allegations involving individual students. Board members are responsible for providing a fair and unbiased process to address issues of student conduct. These students work with faculty, Student Government and other key members of the university community to improve awareness of values-based behaviors and increase student learning. During a hearing, the board will follow all operational guidelines and seek support and guidance from their advisors when appropriate. The board will decide, in closed session, if the alleged student should be found responsible based on a preponderance of the evidence and majority vote. Sanctions imposed by the boards will also be decided by majority vote.

Any questions for the Office of Community Standards can be directed to [email protected].