Stetson University Moves to Tier 4

DeLand Campus Moves to Tier 4 
  • Newly created Tier 4 allows for even greater freedom as 2,108 people, or more than 40% of the campus’s total population, currently have been vaccinated and reported their vaccination to Stetson. Also, community transmission rates have declined. This change took effect Thursday, July 1.
  • Once the reported vaccination rate reaches 70% of the total campus population, almost all mitigation measures will be lifted.
  • Returning to normal is up to us. Let’s get vaccinated!

This plan strives to create clarity about what we are working toward by promoting vaccination as our priority. Looking for a vaccine provider? Visit the Safer Stetson Vaccination page.

Once you are vaccinated, please voluntarily register your COVID-19 vaccination through the confidential university online form.

Tier 4: Current requirements, effective July 1. 

Facial coverings:  

  • Not required:
    • Outside
    • In meeting of 4 or fewer vaccinated people
  • Required:
    • Classrooms
    • Meetings of more than 4 people
    • Events, common areas and shared offices


  • Gateway Testing required for unvaccinated people 
  • Ongoing optional and mandatory COVID-19 testing on campus  

Residential Living and Learning: 

  • Two Stetson guests permitted 
  • No overnight guests permitted 
  • No non-Stetson guests permitted  
  • Capacity limits in common spaces  
  • Face coverings required