Tipping Our Hats: A New Podcast from the Writing and Brown Centers!

The Writing Center and the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence are thrilled to announce a new podcast, called Tipping our Hats, as a tribute to the remarkable faculty and staff who make Stetson a place where learning and values meet!

This project marks several months of collaboration between the Writing and Brown centers, and some pressing exigencies shaped our vision for it.

In the context of revitalized commitments to social justice at the institutional and national levels, we wanted to create a space for productive discourse on human difference and identity — and best practices toward bridging instructional content across disciplines with the goals of antiracism and related diversity, equity and inclusion frameworks.

Against the backdrop of a pandemic and now over 18 isolating, calamitous months, we thought a series of one-on-one conversations with our faculty and staff colleagues would help us pursue these subjects, and allow us to reinforce our interconnectedness and sense of community.

It is our hope that Tipping Our Hats will be a venue for us to learn from and about one  another, honor and celebrate our identities and personal academic journeys, and create ongoing conversations on how we can support a campus environment where students, faculty, staff and all other Stetson community members thrive.

Tipping Our Hats is available on Spotify, and the links to our Spotify page and our landing page on the Brown Center blog are pasted below. You can access the Spotify link(s) through the blog page, as well. Our preview episode, featuring representatives from the Writing and Brown centers, is available.

Spotify Page: https://open.spotify.com/show/4LctiBffJ15h7dL0RJjK4P

Brown Center Blog Page: https://blog.stetson.edu/brown-center/tipping-our-hat-podcast/

Going forward, each episode will focus on one guest and will be split into three different segments, which will be released on a weekly basis — with a new guest featured each month. We will be reaching out to individual community members to request participation, but we would love nothing more than for anyone who’s interested to reach out to us. If you’d like to participate, please email David T. Johnson, PhD, at [email protected] or Emery McClenny at [email protected].

Tune in this week for our very first guest, Meg Young, D.BA, faculty member in the School of Business Administration! Our first episode, featuring Meg, will be available this Friday, July 2.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to highlighting and celebrating you!