Masks No Longer Required Outdoors and Other Policy Updates

Here are highlights from Wednesday’s Safer Campus Task Force Update:

  • Stetson has eliminated daily wellness checks required for all university employees and students before coming to or moving throughout campus. You can now completely delete the Everbridge App from your phone. Campus guests and visitors must continue to check-in at the designated locations and show a valid photo ID. A COVID-19 screening, including a brief questionnaire, is required for all visitors and guests.
  • Due in part to local and national downward COVID-19 trends, CDC recommendations, and increased vaccine availability, Stetson University has revised the campus facial coverings policy of Tier 3 in the following areas effective immediately:
    • Facial coverings are no longer mandatory outdoors unless specifically required for high-density events. However, we recommend all unvaccinated persons wear face coverings in higher risk situations. Previously, face coverings were required outdoors unless persons can physically distance.
    • Up to four vaccinated persons may meet in offices or other indoor spaces that can accommodate 6’ spacing without wearing masks if all parties agree.  Masks are still required for all participants unless everyone in the meeting agrees not to wear masks in a meeting.  Masks are still required for meetings of more than four people, regardless of the desire of all parties to remove their masks.
  • Stetson University has announced new awards and incentives to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations that could earn DeLand and College of Law students full-year tuition awards, $1000 prizes, Disney trips and more! This program will help ensure a healthy and safe campus environment leading into the Fall 2021 semester. To enter, students voluntarily register their COVID-19 vaccination through the confidential university online form by July 25. For more information, please visit the Safer Stetson Awards webpage.

To read the complete update, check your Stetson email or visit the Safer Stetson website under Latest Updates.