Security Awareness

You may have noticed that not a week goes by without hearing about another data breach or massive security incident. Here at Stetson, we have noticed an increase recently in the number of phishing emails and attacks on our systems. Security is a responsibility shared by all of us. We have created a list of resources to help you stay safe and protect information here at Stetson and in your personal lives.

  • Phishing emails – Phishing emails trick a user into believing the content is real, which results in either entering your password into a hacker’s website or opening a file containing a virus.
  • Malicious email attachments – File attachments can contain malicious information that can install ransomware, trojans, key loggers, or other malicious programs that a hacker can use to harm you and your computer.
  • Password hygiene – It is important to not reuse passwords on websites. Using a password manager, like Lastpass or 1Password, can help you create secure and unique passwords.

If you have questions about this content or other security questions, please contact. I.T. at