Participate in the Stetson/DeLand Relationship Survey!

As part of our work to address concerns raised in the 2020 Campus Climate survey, the DeLand/Stetson Campus Climate Working group is releasing a brief 10-minute survey to assess how we are doing as a community partner and to better understand student perception of the DeLand community.

The purpose of this survey is to help our Campus Climate Working Group identify the top priorities that we should focus on in order to strengthen Stetson’s relationship with the DeLand community. We seek to work together to build a community that we’re proud of and one that is welcoming to all. Once the responses are tabulated, we will present our findings based in a report that will be shared at the beginning of Fall 2021.

Please complete this survey by April 30 and reach out to and, the co-chairs of our Working Group, with any questions or concerns that you may have about completing this survey.

Click here to take the survey: Student Survey