Professional Education Course Development Summer Grant Program for Faculty

Demand for professional education has dramatically increased since we entered this pandemic a year ago. Individuals are rethinking their career paths, perhaps furloughed, and are spending more time searching for opportunities to prepare for what’s next.  In response, the Stetson Professional and Corporate Education (PaCE) program is looking for new content and programs that will align what we do best at Stetson with the needs of individuals searching for added knowledge and skills that will make them more competitive in the job market. This will provide an opportunity to expand our portfolio of PaCE courses, adding new options for the non-degree seeking adult learners wanting to up-skill and stay relevant in the workplace.

To that end, we are inviting faculty to collaborate with PaCE over the summer in our Course Development Summer Grant Program with the goal of creating additional professional education courses.

Please view the detailed program announcement.

And if you’re interested in submitting a course idea for consideration, please submit via the Qualtrics form.

Any questions? Please contact Bud Hanson, PaCE executive director, at