Second call for Stetson Showcase judges and moderators

Faculty and administrators are welcome as judges at the 2021 Stetson Showcase, April 13.  It is expected that the event will be largely virtual, with a few stated exceptions.  Judges will have an all day commitment on a classes-cancelled day, but will be safely online.  They will hear an average of 18 papers related by theme or STEM, and determine a Maris Prize winner for each venue.  There will be no posters to judge this year, for logistical reasons.

For those of you new to Stetson since Fall 2019, the Showcase is our annual marquee event of undergraduate and law research and creative activity.  Students from all four schools participate. On average, we have 250 students from all years and majors involved. Last year, the main event had to be cancelled as we had no way to set up a platform in time, but we are committed to organizing a Showcase that will give our students the forum for showing all of Stetson their hard work.

We also need moderators for Showcase, with the same online parameters, except that moderators work a morning or afternoon session.  Graduate students are welcome as moderators.

Please contact Dr. Kimberly Reiter ( if you are willing to judge or moderate.  We are very low on volunteers this year, especially judges.