RACE IN THE 21ST CENTURY / Friday, Nov. 13: “The Bottom Line: Race & Business”

Friday, Nov. 13 at 3 p.m.

Topic: “The Bottom Line: Race & Business”

Cultural Credit Eligible Event

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Please join us on Friday, Nov. 13, 3 p.m. for the 12th and final panel of the series: “The Bottom Line: Race & Business.” This panel will feature Dr. Randall Croom, Assistant Professor of Management, and Dr. Juanne Greene, Assistant Professor of Human Resources Management, as they talk about the role of business entities and organizations in steering diversity in the workplace and beyond.

Businesses are often viewed as the creators of inequity in the world through their organizational structures and unequal outcomes. However, as the type and forms of businesses continue to change, so has their political power. We have seen a series of commitments from businesses across this country taking a stand for Black lives. In doing so, we are witnessing the emergence of a new form of racially conscious business leadership. At the heart of these organizations are people. Bridging the political with the financial our panelists explore: how do employees organize themselves for change both internally and externally; how can leaders be proactive and effective in tackling racial injustice; what organizational strategies are needed to move beyond diversity to racial equity; and how can consumers make a difference. Drawing from their experiences as business leaders and scholars, we engage the question: “How Can Business Organizations Be the Drivers of Equity in the World?”

RACE IN THE 21ST CENTURY is a weekly, one-hour discussion hosted by Sociologist Dr. Sharmaine Jackson and sponsored by the Africana Studies Program. Delivering to viewers extraordinary perspectives on current events and accomplishments unfolding in, and around our community, this series takes a deep dive into race by delivering stories that engage us on issues related to Black lives and racial justice.