Nominate Future RAs

Good Day! 

It is a different kind of year, which has presented us with a challenge in identifying next year’s Resident Assistants. To secure the best leaders to lead in our residential community next year, we know that it is going to take the village!

We need your help in identifying students you recognize as having the potential to be good or great RAs on our campus. Think about the students you have worked with, who have showcased resilience right now, stepped up in class and demonstrated integrity. Which of your students would be great role models for other students on campus? Or which ones would be excellent at making individualized connections with residents within the residential community? 

Two Ways to Nominate: 

  • Email with the first and last name of your student nomination. We will take your feedback and reach out to these students, inviting them to apply via email. The deadline for nominations is Nov. 13. From your nominations, we will send personal emails out to each student.
  • Encourage the student to apply by having a conversation about what you see in them and how they should consider applying. Forward them to for more details or to our next information session (Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. or Dec 1 at 4 p.m. through Microsoft Teams — with links available on our website).

The application will close on Dec. 4 at 11:59 p.m. 


The benefits of being a Resident Assistant at Stetson are an award in the amount of the assigned residential room, a monthly stipend, and lots of departmental swag. More important are the intangible benefits of the position, including: 

  • Personal growth and resilience 
  • Time-management skills 
  • An ability to work within a team structure and build collaborative relationships 
  • Development of written and oral communication 
  • Training in conflict resolution and mediation 
  • Training in problem solving and advocacy 
  • Experience to interact respectfully across diverse populations 
  • And much, much more. 

Each RA is responsible for a community of 20 – 55 students, intentional and coaching conversations, development of small events to bridge relationships, partner with staff and faculty to facilitate dialogue across difference, and serve on call and to handle emergency and crisis situations. 

Thank you for your time. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions to