Ella Weber Artist Talk – Cultural Credit!

Oct. 28, 2:30-3:30 p.m. (Wednesday)

Ella Weber maintains menial jobs, unrelated to the arts, as a means to fuel her practice. Through humor, video, print and the labor of an 8-hour shift, her work draws connections between consumption, the body, sexuality and spirituality. Residing in fly-over-country, she sleeps in her parent’s suburban basement and slices meat in a grocery store deli. The deli acts as extension of her studio as well as a tool to reduce the gap between artists and non-artists alike. How do we embrace our differences and share our sameness? Utilizing the job skills required, she investigates the tension between consumer and viewer, performer and employee, studio and gallery. Check out Ella’s work here: https://www.ellaweber.com/

Event link – Zoom: https://stetson-edu.zoom.us/j/96183340888?pwd=bUlVMkt1V25ZYjY1dUVEZWtoMUFVUT09