Go vote! Early Voting open in Florida

Early Voting for the 2020 Election is happening now in Florida! Anybody registered to vote in Volusia County can now vote in-person between 7 a.m.-7 p.m. at the Volusia County Supervisor of Elections office at 1750 S. Woodland Blvd. in DeLand until Early Voting ends on Nov. 1.

Before you go vote, make sure to check/bring the following:

  • Registered? Double-check that you’re registered to vote in Volusia County at this website. If you are registered in Volusia, great! Go ahead and vote. If you aren’t registered in Volusia, then you either have to drive to your county to vote, or you have to enroll in vote-by-mail, so your ballot can be mailed to you.
  • Identification: Those wishing to vote must bring a photo ID and an ID that has their signature; these can be two separate IDs (like a Stetson student ID for a photo, and a credit card for a signature), or just one ID (like a state-issued driver’s license, which has both the photo and signature).
  • Sample Ballot: Visit this website to get a copy of your Sample Ballot, which will tell you exactly what candidates and issues you’ll vote on in the election; research everything, mark your votes on the Sample Ballot, then bring it in with you to help you vote on the official ballot you’ll get at the Early Voting location.
  • Friends! Voting is fun and important, so bring a friend or two with you. Plus, waiting in line is better when you have friends with you.
  • Masks: Because COVID.

Have questions or run into issues with voting? You have two options:

  • Urgent response (like when you are in line to vote and run into an issue): call the League of Women Voters Vote411 hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683).
  • Non-urgent response (like getting general questions answered about the process): email kwinchel@stetson.edu or DM the Stetson Votes team on FB/Insta @StetsonVotes.

Happy voting!

The #StetsonVotes team

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