Faculty & Staff Required Annual Training

Please keep an eye on your email Inbox for the AY2021 required annual, online training assignment launching early next week.  As previously announced by President Roellke, Stetson University is adding the EverFi “Diversity and Inclusion EDU” module as part of the required faculty and staff annual training cycle beginning this year.  This training will become part of a rotation with a Title IX module being offered one year and a Diversity-related module being offered the next.  Thank you for promoting the values of Stetson University by engaging in this education and completing this course by Dec. 7, 2020.

NOTE: The Training Invitation email sender will appear as “Stetson University,” and it will include an embedded link (safe to use) to connect you to the EverFi platform that hosts the course; there will also be instructions in the email about how the course can be accessed through your MyStetson.