RACE IN THE 21ST CENTURY / Friday, Oct. 9, at 3 p.m. / Topic: “Mass Incarceration and a Stetson Education”

Friday, Oct. 9, at 3 p.m.

Topic: “Mass Incarceration and a Stetson Education”

Cultural Credit Eligible Event

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Please join us on Friday, Oct. 9, at 3 p.m. for the seventh panel of the series: “Mass Incarceration and a Stetson Education.” Please note the time change for this week. This panel will highlight the Community Education Project (“CEP”) at Stetson University. The CEP is the only program of its kind in Florida and offers “a non-profit multidisciplinary college in prison program at Stetson University committed to offering quality liberal arts education and learning opportunities in Florida prisons” (https://www.stetson.edu/other/cep/index.php). This week’s panel will feature CEP team members: Dr. Pamela Cappas-Toro, Co-Director and head of strategic planning; Dr. Andy Eisen, Co-Director and program coordinator; Dr. Melinda Hall, Co-Director of curriculum; Dr. Jelena Petrovic, Co-Director for faculty and student liaison; Dr. Sarah Cramer, Visiting Assistant Professor in Sustainable Food Systems; and Nelson Quezada Herrera, Stetson student intern for community outreach and Bonner Scholar.

The U.S. currently has the largest worldwide percentage of its population incarcerated. The impact on families, communities and the life chances of those subjected to our criminal justice system in the U.S. is far reaching. The panelists will discuss how their work at Stetson University speaks to local and national issues regarding incarceration, education, rehabilitation and reform. Focusing on how best to achieve both social and racial justice, we engage the question, “What More Can Stetson University Do as a Leader in Confronting Mass Incarceration in the United States?”

RACE IN THE 21ST CENTURY, is a weekly, one-hour discussion hosted by Sociologist Dr. Sharmaine Jackson and sponsored by the Africana Studies Program. Delivering to viewers extraordinary perspectives on current events and accomplishments unfolding in, and around our community, this series takes a deep dive into race by delivering stories that engage us on issues related to Black lives and racial justice.